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One-On-One Speech Coaching

One-on-One Speech Coaching

One-On-One Speech Coaching has been designed to provide an opportunity to work on individual speaking concerns and to receive specific feedback and recommendations for improving your communication skills.

In Person

This two-hour session focuses on:

Overcoming the fear of public speaking.

Improving vocal delivery.

Creating organizational methods for preparing and presenting information.

Maximizing nonverbal communication.

Understanding your audience.

Improving overall communication skills.

Before each coaching session, participants are interviewed to determine problem areas. The session relies on the use of videotaping and participants are asked to prepare a 10-minute speech which is taped and reviewed several times during the session.


When the In Person coaching session is completed, we meet with you and discuss the outcome of our services and offer additional recommendations. We work with you to create monitoring and follow-up procedures to ensure that your presentation goals are reached. We stay involved and help you to keep the momentum going to improve your communication skills.

Loud and Clear!

Are you looking for a more focused speech coaching session? Then we recommend you try this intensive, two-hour work-out that will help you be heard and be understood - plain and simple. This straightforward approach works well for both rookies and seasoned presenters. Even though your voice may be amplified, it's important that you start with the best volume for you. You'll never say "can you hear me? Is this mike working?" again! We'll help you speak clearly and with conviction, regardless of your subject. Click here to use our online form to contact us.


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