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Workplace Civility:  Why It Matters and How to Cultivate It Workshop

By now you're already using Skype, Face Time, Zoom or video conferencing to communicate with colleagues, customers, prospective customers and business contacts. So am I. Even though for a very long time I've been telling my clients, "nothing will ever take the place of in-person communication." Why? Because when we meet eyeball to eyeball, we connect in a powerful way that enables us to put the best version of ourselves forward. It's not the same when we communicate virtually. These are not ordinary times. Let's rethink how to make the most of our virtual communication because it is now the best available option.

Strong virtual communicators are making very specific choices. It's not random or accidental when they are successful. What are those actions? How can you implement techniques to enhance remote contact, especially when the stakes are high? What might get in the way?

Spend 60 minutes on-line with me. We'll discuss virtual communication challenges and how to best respond to them. You'll end our conversation with specific guidelines to use and share with co-workers. Or invite your team members to join our conversation .

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