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Speak for Yourself Workshop

Speak for Yourself Workshop

Many professionals, such as doctors, managers and attorneys are uncomfortable presenting information to colleagues and clients. Their discomfort often shows in their presentations and prevents the audience from getting important information. Whether you are selling your ideas to a new client, leading a workshop at a conference or facilitating a staff meeting, you have a limited amount of time to get your message across. This half-day workshop helps presenters, regardless of their level of expertise, to develop their own confident, natural speaking style. Participants prepare a five minute videotaped presentation and leave with a solid understanding of how to create a positive vocal image, enhance business presentations and overcome the fear of public speaking.

Participants Learn:

Important differences between oral and written language.

How to overcome the fear of public speaking.

How to determine presentation objectives.

How to use visual aids, such as PowerPoint to add impact.

How to improve the rhythm and rate of speech to improve vocal quality.

How to use visual aids to add impact.

How to use gestures, eye contact, and body language to enhance nonverbal communication.

How to communicate effectively when you can't prepare.

How to control questions and answer sessions.

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