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Training Top Trainers Workshop

Training Top Trainers Workshop

This half day workshop will provide you with an understanding of the unique ways adults learn. We offer practical suggestions to help you succeed as a trainer, even if you have never done any training before. This workshop is ideal for first-time trainers because we focus on improving presentation skills, using visual aids and refining facilitation skills. You will learn how to adapt training material to your individual style. Participants role-play training scenarios and try out techniques during the workshop.

Participants Learn:

How to overcome the fear of public speaking.

How to set training objectives.

How to improve presentation skills.

How to adopt the ideal training style - direct, animated and enthusiastic.

How to encourage participation.

How to incorporate foolproof training techniques such as spaced repetition.

How to make the most of visual aids.

How to create the optimum learning experience by using effective communication skills.

How to incorporate interactive training methods such as role-playing, small group discussions and case study development.

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